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Mazzucco, Lisa. Emerson String Quartet.

Please press the play button above to hear the recorded interview, which was recently broadcast on KMFA 89.5.

The Emerson String Quartet is observing its 40th anniversary this season, and to celebrate, they’ve released a new recording featuring the music of both Benjamin Britten and Henry Purcell. The fact that they’ve chosen the work of two English composers is no coincidence. If you’ve been following their career, you may remember that about four years ago they said goodbye to founding cellist David Finckel and welcomed a new cellist, Paul Watkins (himself an Englishman).

As violinist Eugene Drucker and violist Lawrence Dutton told Rideshare host Chris Johnson, it’s lead to something of a renaissance for the venerable ensemble. They spoke about that and their new album, "Chaconnes and Fantasias," in a recent interview produced with assistance from KMFA Story Seeker and volunteer production assistant Joshua Figueroa.