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Participate in KMFA's Membership Drives and Gain Valuable Exposure!

Challenge Grants offer your company valuable exposure on KMFA – connecting you with our influential community of listeners, plus the opportunity to support Austin's home for classical music on the radio.

During a KMFA Membership drive, your company is recognized as the provider of a matching challenge. Listeners are highly motivated to become members of KMFA when they know that their contribution is actually worth twice as much to the station.

How It Works

Throughout a challenge match hour, we ask listeners to call in with their financial support. Your company is clearly and gratefully acknowledged for providing incentive for listeners to call.

Example Challenge Grant Language

"During this hour (company name) will generously match every gift, up to a total $1,000. That means that the value of your gift will be doubled thanks to this challenge from (company name)."

Those gifts are matched up to the amount of your Challenge Grant for that hour. For example, your $1,000 Challenge Grant will be realized as $2,000 to KMFA. Challenge Grants have proven to be very successful at KMFA and at public radio stations all over the country. They instill a sense of urgency to our appeals, and add an element of excitement and fun to the Membership drives.

By donating a Challenge Grant for our Membership Drive, KMFA will recognize your business membership through…

  • Inclusion of your business in a minimum of 28 on-air mentions of Business Members over a four-week period before, during, and after the drive
  • Business Member listing on the KMFA website and in KMFA eNewsletters – 8,000 subscribers
  • Discounts for underwriting on KMFA
  • At the $500 level your Challenge Grant is presented as a “$500 Flash Match” for 15 to 30 minutes – generating a sense of immediacy for our listeners and appreciation for your support
  • At the $1,000 level and above you can personally record an on-air presentation of your Challenge Grant, and enjoy membership in KMFA Masters Circle giving you special access
    to KMFA’s premier-level donor events

Join Today

Your gift allows KMFA to provide the finest classical music, outstanding programs, and conversations with artists. You are the reason tens of thousands of listeners are able to discover and delight in classical music on KMFA each week.  Thank you!

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If you prefer more choice in when and how your business is announced on air, please consider Sponsorship Opportunities.