Kmfa jeffrey blair

Jeffrey Blair

From 2 until 5 every weekday afternoon, Jeffrey Blair provides you with inspiring and exhilarating music for when you need that little extra push to get you through your day.

Kmfa scott blankenship

Scott Blankenship

Since age five, Scott Blankenship has been meant to share his love and appreciation of classical music over the airwaves.

Kmfa bob christiansen

Bob Christiansen

Presents knowledge of classical music and history with a sharp wit.

Kmfa john clare

John Clare

A great way to start your day, make your commute, or just chill out.

Kmfa david crews

David Crews

Host of Saturday Matinee featuring a lively mix of favorites, new discoveries, and even some film music!

Kmfa dianne donovan

Dianne Donovan

Midday Announcer and Producer/Editor/Host, Host of Live Broadcasts

Kmfa ward jacobson

Ward Jacobson

Jacobson's love of classical music stems from a childhood influenced by his bass-baritone father and piano-teaching mother.

Kmfa chris johnson

Chris Johnson

A passionate lover of classical music and an advocate for the arts, Chris Johnson has distinguished himself as both a radio broadcaster and journalist in his tenure in the classical music world.

Kmfa judlyn gibson

Judlyne Lilly-Gibson

Host and Producer of Staccato, a 90-second feature covering classical music news all over the world.

Kmfa whit martin whitaker

Whit Martin-Whitaker

For the love of the music.

Kmfa caramel odonovan

Carmel O'Donovan

Host of Sunday Matinee with her signature across-the-pond twist.

Kmfa lynn warfel

Lynn Warfel

A broadcaster with 30 years of experience behind her, Lynn also trained as an actor and has her Masters in Theology.

Kmfa john zech

John Zech

Having held many roles in public radio, John has been broadcasting since 1992.

KMFA Programs
Ancient voices

Ancient Voices

A one-hour showcase of early music from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and early Baroque.

Choral classics

Choral Classics

An exploration of the rich tradition of choral music from the earliest chant to the most recent releases.

Classical austin

Classical Austin

A weekly interview and music show, with host, Dianne Donovan, that highlights upcoming events and artists of the classical music scene in Austin/Central Texas

Classical guitar alive

Classical Guitar Alive

The only nationally syndicated guitar radio program in the U.S. is produced right here at KMFA.

Coffee break

Coffee Break

Every Monday morning at 10:00, KMFA plays the "caffeinated classics" that lift your spirits and energize your day.

Film score focus

Film Score Focus

A one-hour program is a weekly journey int the realm of music written for, or featured in, movies.

From the butler school

From the Butler School

From the Butler School presents the best performances from student musicians in the Butler School of Music at the University of Texas - Austin.

Holiday program icon

Holiday Specials

Celebrate with this classical music "comfort food" for your ears.

Kmfa kids recording kids

Kids Recording Kids

KMGA's annual summer camp for teens teaches interview, recording, and digital sound editing skills.

Kmfa listen local

Listen Local

Listen Local is a series of locally-produced radio broadcasts of Austin's finest classical music performances to bring local performances to larger audiences.

Kmfa programs night music

Night Music

This two hour program of music eases you from the day into the evening.





Host Chris Teel explores music written for the pipe organ.



Quick notes dotting the classical music landscape

National Programs