FreeWill | KMFA

KMFA has partnered with FreeWill to provide a free will-writing resource to our community. As a result of this trusted partnership, you can now write a legal will in 20 minutes or less, at no personal cost. This tool is safe and secure and requires no sensitive security information. Click here to write your free will and create a legacy by keeping classical forever in our community.

While most people know that everyone should have a will, surveys show that a majority of people never get around to creating one — largely because of the perception that estate planning is complex and expensive. FreeWill aims to change that by providing a simple, free, user-friendly platform that enables people to proactively manage their financial future, take care of loved ones and contribute to community organizations that reflect their lifelong values.

About FreeWill

FreeWill was founded by two experienced professionals with backgrounds in financial planning and the inner workings of the nonprofit world. FreeWill's goal is to help more people take control of their financial destiny while leaving a legacy that will benefit future generations. To date, people have used FreeWill to commit more than $4.7 billion to nonprofit organizations they care about.

All estate plans made using FreeWill are 100% legal and specifically tailored to your jurisdiction. As soon as you print out your will, and sign it in front of two witnesses, it is a valid legal document.

Safe & Secure

FreeWill uses the latest data encryption technology so that your information is kept secure and private.

Is An Online Will For Everyone?

If you have a particularly large or complicated estate, you may want to have your will drafted by an attorney instead.

FreeWill can still help! At the end of your will-making process, they’ll provide a set of documented wishes to bring to an attorney that may speed up the process. They will also help you find qualified attorneys near you.

For answers to more of your questions, visit FreeWill's FAQ page.