Look to the right of the post title to find the orange audio play button to listen to an interview with KMFA's John Clare, Stewart Copeland and Jon Kimura Parker about their new project "Off The Score".

Off The Score is a performance collaboration between drum legend Stewart Copeland (The Police), visionary pianist Jon Kimura Parker, Met Opera violinist Yoon Kwon, rising star bassist Marlon Martinez and champion of the Electronic Valve Instrument (EVI) Judd Miller. Parker and Copeland are extremely articulate artists and their work explores improvisation - providing room for the artists to move past notes on the page. Their performance Friday night will feature Copeland’s brilliant compositions and classical repertoire, including Parker’s virtuoso suite based on Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring.

The two joined Content Director John Clare in the studio at KMFA, to talk about performance practice, inspirations, and busting genres. Their performance takes place Friday night at 8pm in Bass Concert Hall. There's more information here from Texas Performing Arts.