About KMFA

KMFA 89.5 is an independent public classical radio station in Austin, TX. KMFA serves approximately 100,000 listeners each week and features locally produced shows like Classical Austin, Early Music Now, and From the Butler School, as well as nationally distributed programming from Public Radio International, American Public Media, and National Public Radio.

KMFA has undergone a landmark transformation with the completion in 2020 of its new, state-of-the-art permanent facility, funded entirely by community gifts totaling $10.5 Million. The new building in East Austin includes the 130-seat Draylen Mason Music Studio, on-air and production booths, an interactive educational gallery, and public gathering spaces. Live concerts and broadcasts are regularly held here, as are social occasions, youth camps, and K-12 tours and art exhibits.

KMFA supports many regional arts organizations such as the Austin Symphony Orchestra, Austin Opera, and Texas Performing Arts with on-air and online promotions, co-sponsorships, and interviews with KMFA hosts. Our Listen Local initiative broadcasts Austin's finest classical music performances, making classical music and cultural events available to all. With popular programs like the Fall Into Music Instrument Drive and radio camps for kids, KMFA encourages arts education and supports the Central Texas community.


Classical music inspires and restores the human spirit. KMFA handcrafts exceptional classical music experiences on-air, online, and in community. 


People and communities embrace the growing place of classical music in their lives. KMFA is loved and supported by a growing audience of loyal listeners everywhere. It reflects Austin’s distinct cultural lens and is essential to its thriving cultural arts community. It is the premier destination for classical music listeners across Texas. And, around the world, KMFA enriches and transforms the lives of adventurous classical music lovers. KMFA is respected and recognized for building communities of those who love and listen to classical music. 

Core Values

Listening is at the core of communication and is essential to learning. KMFA actively listens to audiences and potential audiences, to artists, educators, partners and supporters, and to music.

KMFA demonstrates excellence in its product, people, and listener experiences.

KMFA will stay ever vigilant of the highly dynamic media environment, anticipating and embracing change, creating and leveraging opportunities to stay ahead of the curve and outside the box. KMFA will be nimble, taking measured and judicious risks that embrace the dual requirements of creativity and discipline.

Advancing the mission and vision require that KMFA grow through the development of mutually advantageous and strategic partnerships with entities dedicated to classical music, the fine arts, media and entertainment, education, community building, and other nonprofit and corporate organizations. KMFA will be a trusted and valuable partner, in keeping with the mission.

KMFA respects and creates cultural legacies that place classical music in the hearts and lives of people and communities. It is a trustworthy steward of music, money, and community life.


The efforts of the Austin community started KMFA. When Austin’s commercial classical music radio station changed suddenly to a pop station, there was an outpouring of support from local businesses and individuals to develop a listener-supported classical music radio station. 

Equipment, office space, capital, and time were donated. Nockey Willett was the unpaid chief engineer with the technical expertise and passion to get the station built. Leonard Masters was KMFA’s iconic first announcer. He had a deep, resonant voice, known for perfect diction and excellent pronunciation. 

Masters was at the controls when KMFA began on January 29, 1967 with the rousing notes of the William Tell Overture as its first broadcast on Austin’s own community radio station. 

More than fifty years later, KMFA continues to rely on the generosity of Central Texas to keep classical music and cultural programming available to all. 

Our Strategic Plan - 2022-2027

KMFA is an organization with a long and strong history, as well as a deliberate and forward-looking strategy for a long and strong future as well. The KMFA Board of Directors approved the following strategic plan on June 1, 2022. Looking to the next five years of operations, the plan establishes four strategic priorities: increase revenue; grow and diversify audiences; deepen and increase KMFA's role and influence in the community; and create an inspiring and sought-after workplace. 

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