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The end of the year is a time to reflect, celebrate and give. KMFA asked some of our partners to share what they are grateful for this year.

Here's what they had to say:

Alex Alford, Managing Director at Austin Shakespeare

"It has been an insane year so I am especially thankful that we are still able to produce theatre during the challenging circumstances of the viral pandemic."

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Dr. Daniel Arredondo II, Artistic Director of the Austin Gay Men's Chorus

"I'm grateful for the dedication and enthusiasm of our chorus members. We're all looking to the future when we can perform again but right now thanks to that dedication we're creating videos that raise our voices in song to change minds, transform lives, and to build community."

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Annie Burridge, General Director & CEO at Austin Opera

"I'm grateful for the boundless resilience of the artistic community here in Austin in finding ways to continue making art and music despite so many challenges. I am inspired every day by the creativity and commitment of our artists and artistic administrators. The generosity of the Austin community in welcoming our art to unconventional venues and mediums gives me great confidence in the bright future for the classical arts here in Austin."

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Bob Bursey, Executive Director at Texas Performing Arts at UT Austin

"I'm grateful for everyone who has continued to support artists and arts organizations this year. Thank you."

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Liz Cass, LOLA & Executive Director of the Armstrong Community Music School

"I am so grateful for my fellow music teachers out there. You keep rising to new challenges every day and you continue to inspire with courage, beauty, and passion. Thank you so much and thank you to KMFA for connecting us all."   

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Matt Hinsley, Executive Director at Austin Classical Guitar

"I am grateful for all the friendships that have developed in my life because of music."

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Here are some notes from some of the listeners we've heard from:

From Tony Morris, Executive Director at Classical Guitar Alive

"Classical Guitar Alive's Music In Medicine program is grateful that we've been able to continue to serve during the pandemic and play music for patients nearing the end of life, and for their visitors, and staff. Although quarantine restrictions prevent us from entering healthcare facilities, we now serve by playing directly outside patient rooms, and play at Hospice Austin's Christopher House three days each week."

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Doug Spaeth, massage therapist at Dimensions Massage Therapy

"I want to say how grateful I am for the continued support of our Austin clients during these challenging times. Have a safe and happy holiday!"


Jake Billingsley, KMFA Listener

"I'm grateful for a used Mexican Classical Guitar crafted by M. Martell which I bought in 1965 from the J.R. Reed Music Company on Congress Avenue. It has kept me connected with the inspiration of the Muse through good times and hard times as well, briniging me boundless comfort and joy."


Clara Brill, Program Director at Mother Falcon Music Lab

"I am so grateful to be part of a community of creatives who view change and challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation."

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