Local host and producer Brian Satterwhite will celebrate his 500th episode of radio show ‘Film Score Focus’ on Friday, November 13th at 8 p.m. on KMFA 89.5. This special anniversary show will be an extended two-hour episode, and will feature a retrospective look at the show’s history, candid interviews from the local film community, and fan giveaways.

“When I recorded my first episode of ‘Film Score Focus’ back in 2005, I never could have imagined I would eventually go on to produce 500 shows,” said host Satterwhite. “I was simply doing my best to get through one!”

10 years later, ‘Film Score Focus’ continues to take the listener on a weekly tour of film music from around the globe. Every show is organized with a central theme or "focus" that offers the listener a unique perspective into the world of film music. The show has covered topics such as a tribute to late film composer James Horner when he passed away in June of 2015, music from movies nominated for Academy Awards, and even an exploration of scores from movies about food.

“Luckily for all of us,” Satterwhite said, “there is still so much more film music to enjoy which makes getting to 1000 shows a genuine possibility.”

Producer and host Brian Satterwhite is also a film composer himself. He has written scores for over one hundred short and feature films, including “Artois The Goat” (2009), “Quarter To Noon” (2008) and the award-winning IMAX™ film “Ride Around The World” (2006).

“Film music is a unique art form deserving of its own attention and praise,” said Satterwhite. “During the past ten years, KMFA has been its steadfast champion and I feel wholly blessed to have had the opportunity to share my passion with Austin, and thanks to the internet, the entire world.”

‘Film Score Focus’ airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. on KMFA 89.5, with an encore episode on Saturday at 5 p.m. Shows are archived online for on-demand listening, and are available right here on kmfa.org.

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