May 27, 2023 | 5:00 p.m. | The Butterfly Bar

Here Be Monsters is:

15 performances including 11 world premieres by Austin composers featuring: Invoke, Montopolis, Kraken Quartet, Density512, Golden Hornet, LOLA, One Ounce Opera, Convergence, Goliath is Bigfoot, Tom Echols, Less Than <10 Music, Nathan Felix, VAMP, Studio A, and Tetractys New Music.

Designed to reveal and celebrate the unique culture and identity of Austin's music creators


Event Details

Ticket Information

  • Cost: $10.00 - $20.00

Presenter Details

  • Name: Tetractys New Music
  • Tetractys New Music (TNM) is an arts organization that connects composers and musicians from around the world to audiences in Austin, creates new and exciting work with the leading voices in our community, and curates concert experiences featuring the music of living composers.

    Since 2015 Tetractys New Music (TNM) has been an integral part of the contemporary music community in Austin, TX by commissioning, curating, and producing new works by living composers. TNM seeks to not only support the work of living composers and musicians in Austin, but to create memorable and meaningful multimedia concert experiences that invoke the radical free spirit that makes Austin special.

Venue Details

  • Address: 2307 Manor Rd
  • City: Austin
  • State: TX
  • Zip: 78722