June 9 - 18 | Worley Barton Theater

Gilbert & Sullivan Austin will bring The McAdo back to the stage June 2023. This world-premiere reimagining of the most popular G&S work has drawn international attention as well as acclaim from the fortunate few who attended the 2022 opening. The set is ready, brilliant costumes are on hand, the cast and crew are enthusiastic. That most humane clan chieftain The McAdo and the town of Balleydew are set to return!


Event Details

Ticket Information

  • Cost: $10.00-$100.00

Presenter Details

  • Name: Gilbert & Sullivan
  • The Gilbert & Sullivan comic operas were composed between 1871 and 1896 in Victorian London. Their sparkling musical scores by Sir Arthur Sullivan and their dazzling lyrics by Sir William S. Gilbert have kept them popular throughout the world ever since. They've been called the "Saturday Night Live" of their day for their satiric appeal, but they have proven universal and timeless in their comic and ironic treatment of human foibles through their "airy persiflage" and "innocent merriment." And the popular appeal of the music has endeared them to millions who cherish "laughing song and merry dance." They are arguably the most popular musical comedies ever written for the stage. For more information about Gilbert & Sullivan visit The Gilbert & Sullivan Archive or GSOpera.

Venue Details

  • Address: 11908 N. Lamar
  • City: Austin
  • State: TX
  • Zip: 78753