Be the first to see the award-winning Blue Lapis Light in a brand new home! The aerial dance company celebrates its tenth anniversary and grand opening with a new original performance, Edge of Grace, Wednesday September 16th– Sunday September 20th and Thursday September 24th – Sunday September 27th.

Edge of Grace is inspired by how grace manifests in our lives. Grace is the quiet presence that opens people up to their humanity and compassion. The performance will be mounted on a sparse 48’ X 25’ construction scaffolding. Dancing within the confines of this urban structure juxtaposes beauty and fluidity with life’s limitations.

Event Details

Ticket Information

  • Cost: $18
  • Phone: 5124745664

Presenter Details

  • Name: Blue Lapis Light
  • Blue Lapis Light is a site-specific aerial dance company founded by Artistic Director Sally Jacques in 2005. Jacques’ earlier works encompassed social, political, and spiritual themes, and these performances have evolved to explore movement through the air: extending boundaries, defying edges, and suspending graceful athleticism for the risk of igniting ephemeral beauty.

    Blue Lapis Light seeks to transform urban environments into inspired works of art, creating beauty that transcends space in their expansiveness, connecting us to a sense of wonder, possibility, and hope. The company’s name draws from Ghandi’s description of a meditation practice, wherein the soul merges with Eternal consciousness taking the form of blue light.

Venue Details

  • Address: 10331 Old Manchaca Rd.
  • City: Austin
  • State: TX
  • Zip: 78748