This week's show presents music which was written for or performed at various kinds of ceremonies: weddings, funerals, christenings, and coronations! We'll hear works by Heinrich Isaac, Guillaume Dufay, Gilles Binchois, and J.S. Bach, with performances by Doulce Memoire, the Binchois Consort, and Stile Antico.

  • Guillaume Dufay- Nuper rosarum flores- The Hilliard Ensemble
  • Gilles Binchois -Nove cantum melodie- The Binchois Consort
  • Heinrich Isaac- Virgo Prudentissima- Stile Antico
  • Thomas Tallis  - If ye love me   - Alamire
  • Jacob Obrecht- Laudemus nunc Dominum- The Clerks’ Group
  • Pierre Moulu    - Fiere attropos  -Doulce Memoire
  • Johann Sebastian Bach- Wir danken dir, Gott BWV 29 (selections)- The Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir
  • Emilio de’ Cavalieri- O che nuovo miracolo- Huelgas Ensemble
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