This week on Film Score Focus we're paying tribute to a cinematic icon. Leonard Nimoy passed away on February 27, 2015. A man of many talents, Nimoy will best be known for his portrayal of one of cinema's most legendary characters, Mr. Spock. He made famous the phrase, "Live long and prosper," and that's exactly what he did.

A lot of the music featured on the program will also be performed by the Cinematic Symphony on Saturday, March 7, at 8PM at Akins High School in Austin, TX. Film Score Focus host, Brian Satterwhite be emceeing the event and conducting two piece as well including the "Main Title and Prelude" from STAR TREK III - THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK." If you love this music, you'll want to be at this event. It's family friendly and best of all, it's FREE! For more information, visit the Cinematic Symphony web site.

Join me Friday night at 9:00PM or Saturday evening at 5:00PM right here on 89.5 KMFA. You can also listen live via the internet at

Here's the lineup for FSF-464 "Live Long And Prosper"


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