On this "good news" edition of Classical Austin, we'll learn about two oranizations that are reaching out to the community with the healing/calming/inspiring power of music, from slightly different perspectives. We'll learn about Classical Guitar Alive's, "Music in Medicine" program with guitarist, Tony Morris. As well, Dianne talks with Dr. Robert Radmer, Conductor/Artistic Director of The Central Texas Medical Orchestra. (David Crews-Assistant Editor-Dianne Donovan-Producer/Host/Editor-59:30)

  • There was more to my interview with Tony Morris-check out the entire interview below

More info at:

Tony Morris Interview:

Tony Morris Interview PT1.mp3 Learn about the Music in Medicine Program

Tony Morris_interview_PT2.mp3 More about the Music in Medicine Program and you can hear about Tony's other projects, including a television show and two films!






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